5 Ways to Style a Bandana

Hey beautiful people! Today is another styling post! Yay!!! Bandanas have become an essential in my closet lately. They really add a fun accessory to a pretty basic outfit. Bandanas or neck ties can show off personalities with color or different patterns. Now that it is fall, bandanas are a great piece to add for…Read more 5 Ways to Style a Bandana


Transitioning to Fall // Style

Yay yay yay! One of my favorite seasons is coming and I can't wait! The beautiful colors of fall, the warm lattes, and the smells of pumpkin spice. Yes. This is why I look forward to fall. Fall fashion is another thing that I start looking forward to in August. I have been planning some…Read more Transitioning to Fall // Style

Styling 101: Coordinating Colors

Hello my readers! I have written the post I promised a while back! One really important aspect of putting an outfit together is making sure the colors coordinate in order to make the outfit stand out and look put together. I used to have a really hard time putting together outfits that match in color.…Read more Styling 101: Coordinating Colors

The Power of Fashion

Fashion is a part of who I am. It speaks volumes in my everyday life. I am always learning and growing in the aspect of fashion. Fashion is powerful. Many people think fashion is frivolous and only for the #basicgirl, but they are completely wrong. Let's take a look at fashion and the power it…Read more The Power of Fashion

Simple Wardrobe // Simplicity Series

Hello loves! To continue my simplicity series I wanted to post about building or downsizing a simplistic wardrobe. Simplicity makes life so much easier and happier. Simplicity in your wardbrobe will help with the questions like, "What should I wear?" or "What am I doing with my closet?!" Come along on this journey of simplicity…Read more Simple Wardrobe // Simplicity Series

Winter Style // 3 Ways to Layer

Hello loves! I hope you have had a great few weeks. 🙂 I am so sorry for the lack of posts! I unfortunately lost my camera battery charger and then my battery died! I was finally able to get a charger, so I am back!! And I am back with a fashion post. I decided…Read more Winter Style // 3 Ways to Layer