For The Girl Who Struggles With Surrendering

I admit it. I have a hard time surrendering to Jesus. I don't want to give Him my media intake or my doubtful thoughts of His plan for me. But, why is this? He deserves it all because He laid down His life to save me and He created me to have a full relationship…Read more For The Girl Who Struggles With Surrendering


Simply Jesus // Simplicity Series

"So I'm laying down all my religion I'm laying down I want to know You, Lord . . . I will rejoice in the simple gospel I will rejoice in You, Lord" Take away all the rules, the music, the "right environment" and you have Him. Jesus, simply Jesus. "In the beginning was the Word, and the…Read more Simply Jesus // Simplicity Series

The Modesty Issue

Before I start this you may want to get a cup of coffee or orange juice because this is going to be a big full post of information, love, and freedom. And please please please come with an open heart and mind into this post. I would love for some feedback and thoughts on this…Read more The Modesty Issue