The List


My ultimate bucket list. I will always be adding to this when I have spurts of inspiration and thought. I will always be striving to accomplish these things and the plan that Jesus has for my life.




Graduate high school with an accumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher

Get a 27 on the ACT Does a 24 count? 🙂

Go to college

Graduate from college


Read the whole Bible all the way through

Memorize 10 verses

Go on a missions trip to a different country

Go on a missions trip in America

Lead someone to Jesus

Raise $5,000 for Jesus


Hug a stranger

Give 10 people each a flower and a compliment

Have a great conversation with a stranger

Dance with a stranger


Go skydiving

Get a tattoo

Climb a mountain

Sleep under the Northern Lights

Skip a day of school and have fun

Go to a dancing club


Get a passport

Travel out of the country  Spain // Summer of 2017

Go see Marta (my bestie in Spain)  Summer of 2017

Take a road trip with friends

Travel to every state in the U.S. (12/50)

Study abroad in college

Travel to 15 countries in my twenties

Go to all the big cities of Europe: Paris, London, Venice, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Prague.

Go to NYC on New Years Eve & watch the ball drop


Do a half marathon

Participate in a color run

Hike to the Hollywood sign


Learn 5 songs on the piano

Learn Spanish

Become trilingual

Read 100 books by the time I am eighteen (started a year ago)

Become more flexible: do the splits, get a solid scorpion, get a bow and arrow.

Do a photography session for someone


Start and own a fashion boutique

Buy a Gucci bag

Participate in putting together a fashion show

Get a major in Fashion Merchandising/Design

Do 4 internships in the fashion industry


Start a self-hosted blog

Earn $500 a month from blogging (starting out)

Run my own successful business

Write a book

Go to a TED talk

Be a part of a TED talk


Invest in the stock market

Buy a house