About Me


Hello beautiful internet friends! I’m Sarah, a girl passionate about style, travel, Jesus, food, and many other things that have escaped my mind because I’m under pressure to write this page about my passions (seriously, it is harder than you think)! Haha no, but on a serious note, I’m a creative teenager trying to live fashionably for Jesus. 🙂

wanderinginvogue is meant to be a blog to go to when you need inspiration when you’re procrastinating and need something more to procrastinate with besides Pinterest (by the way my FAVE place to find inspiration). And just a place to visit, to become friends and to feel valued. I can be that bigger sister that you never had when you needed some tips on that outfit of yours. I would love to help you grow in your fashion knowledge and confidence in your dress. I want you to always have a place to go to when you want joyful, stylish, and Jesus filled readings. Together let’s inspire each other with our dress and with our hearts. Let’s become friends with each other and grow in our relationship with our Savior!

The literal definition of my blog: Vogue is the fashion trending at the moment, and wandering is traveling to unknown places or wandering around in life(two of my favorite things). Walk with me in this journey of life and get your daily dose of fashion, Jesus and all things that bring you joy! Feel free to keep procrastinating and get to know me and to get inspired! SKIP THE HOMEWORK AND THE DIRTY ROOM, just relax, eat that chocolate, and treat yo self to a blog about living life in vogue.

From the queen of procrastination,

Sarah Davis 🙂