Hello my wonderful readers! I hope you are doing well on this lovely and sunny day. 🙂 I have had such a busy week this week. It was my first week of senior year! I can’t believe that I am near the end. I want to really enjoy this year a lot. My week was exciting and also bittersweet at times. I had my first varsity football game on Friday night and it was exhilarating. I was so nervous yet excited for my first game as a varsity cheerleader! It was so good to have the super fans there and to feel the energy of the game. My first week of senior year was really good and I am so excited for this year and all the classes I am taking! If you are in high school or even college, then let me know how your first day, week, or weeks have been going! I would love to know.

I was going to post an outfit from the week at school, but I didn’t really remember what I wore (bad memory probs). I just decided to come up with a cute outfit that I would wear to school. I kept it pretty simple with just a touch of a few details. I LOVE these new capris that I bought at TJMaxx with the embroidered detail at the bottom. I think it adds the perfect touch and is really unique and fun for the summer and spring season. I also really like this top that is also from TJMaxx that is very simple. I have been getting into the simple tops plus a touch of my personality through accessories or embroidery. I love that this top flares out and it really makes the top very flattering. I added a watch that I bought in Spain that is adorable and one of my favorites. Then, my favorite sandals EVER are from Spain as well. Guys, these sandals were about $17 and are so comfortable! And might I add, cute. I have worn these sandals non stop this summer and I have used them very well. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to link any of these pieces down below since they are either from Spain or TJMaxx. I will try to look for simular pieces! I hope you enjoy this OOTW post! I will be trying to post more consistently because I love these kind posts so much! Have an amazing week my beautiful peeps.

Capris (somewhat simular) // Sandals (simular) // Shirt (simular, sleeveless)




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