It’s your girl comin’ back at ya with another fashion post (trying to be cool like . . . #whitegirl). This week I want to help you pick out the perfect outfit every time you get ready for the day. I know how hard it is to get a good outfit that you feel confident and prepared to take on the day in. Luckily, I have learned a couple things to make you confident in dressing for the day! Enjoy my friends. 🙂

    1. Plan out what you will be doing that day, the weather, and other activities that you will need to dress for.

I can tell you a few times that I have dressed in heels during the winter and have instantly regretted it. I always told myself that it was for the fashion. While I do still believe that, looking back, it wasn’t very smart of me to compromise my well-being (ex: freezing my toes off) for the sake of looking good. Remember to plan ahead by looking at the weather the night before! Also, if you have anything planned or if you will be doing something that could change your outfit, then make sure to fit that into your outfit as well! For example, if you know you will be going to class all day and don’t feel up to being glam, then go for a more casual and laid back outfit. Verses, going out with friends in the city or having fun shopping could be a totally different styling.

    2. Pick a “vibe” you are going for. Casual? Edgy? Dressed up? Bohemian?

Everyday I usually have a look that I want to try or that I am feeling. Some days I am feeling like going for a more casual and lazy day look. Don’t forget to incorporate your style (a post will be coming about personal style)! Accessorize or add some shoes to fit your determined style that fits you and your personality. Each day you feel differently and may want to be boho one day, but completely girly the next. And that is okay! Just don’t forget your style and personality that will make you feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Whenever picking out an outfit, think of how you are feeling and what kind of look you are going for that day. Then, pick some pieces that fit that and go from there.

    3. Choose a basic piece to go off of. 

If you have a really hard time even starting with what to wear, then go to the basics! Choose a basic t-shirt or tank and expand with that. Add some fun shoes and accessories and you are good to go. Go with a skirt or some fun jeans and build off of that with a necklace and a cute top! Oftentimes, I go back to point two and think of how I am feeling and pick a basic according to that. Don’t forget that you can always add accessories and shoes that can change an outfit to fit you.

    4. Have a color palette or set of colors that you are feelin’ and that would match!

I have been thinking about writing a whole post on how to match clothing pieces because I know how hard it can be. What I like to do is choose a set of colors that go together such as Earth tones, pastels, grays, and blacks, or pops of color. Then, I go with a couple pieces that fit that color palette. Choosing a color palette (even if you have to google a palette) will help so much when planning an outfit! This will bring the outfit together and make you look put together and classy. I will be writing another blog post on this in a bit that will give more detailed tips, so be looking out for it 😉

    5. Accessorize!

I can not express how important accessorizing is for any outfit. Adding the perfect shoe or necklace can bring the outfit to life! If you are going for a casual look then add a sneaker or sandal; if you want a more dressed up feel, then pick a heel or a fancier sandal; and if you are going for a classic look then invest in some black flats that will pair with any outfit. Also, I usually add a watch, some Alex & Ani bracelets (which you can find half price at Nordstrom Rack . . . your welcome ;)), and a gold bar necklace. Those accessories are my necessities and go to’s. I would definitely look out for the classy jewelry that is gold plated or silver. I love finding my jewelry at Forever 21 or H&M since it is so affordable! Remember to always wear the same type of jewelry such as gold vs. silver vs. bohemian. I love adding jewelry to spruce up an outfit, so get yo self some key pieces and add them to your rockin’ outfit!

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some fashion nuggets to help you out! I will really try to be posting more this summer, so be looking out for many more posts. Love you all and have a great Monday!




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