IT IS SUMMER MY PEEPS! I can not express how much I have waited for these three months of paradise. I know, I am a bit dramatic. Currently, I am blogging outside in the beautiful sunshine while butterflies fly around me and birds chirp. The joys of summer break. 🙂 Today I wanted to give you guys a few of my favorite swimsuits for the summer time and how to style them!

*Quick tangent up ahead*

Honestly, before I wrote this post I was debating whether I wanted to even write another fashion post. I have been struggling with the “fashion is so frivolous” mentality. I love writing about fashion and it is definitely not frivolous or useless (The Power of Fashion), but I worry about what others will think way too much. I worry that my Facebook friends (which are basically my main homies) will not care or just think I am way too surfacy (no, it’s not a word). However, I learned that if this is my passion, then I need to blog about it! I will establish the right audience by writing about my passions. Overall, I just want a community of like-minded friends to chat with! I will continue to write about things that excite me, and I promise not to second guess my posts. Thank you to everyone who reads my blog, now let us get on with this summer writing!

Today, I wanted to give you guys a few super chic swimsuits for the summer time and how to style them for those fun summer days! Summer is a great time to go to the pool and tan while enjoying a good book. It is also kind of hard finding modest swimsuits with all the rave about bikinis. I get you, girl. So, here are some of my favorite (and affordable!) swimsuits with some styling tidbits.

One Pieces

High Waisted Bikini

American Eagle – American Eagle, how I love you!! American Eagle has a great variety of one piece swimsuits (although some aren’t so modest) and AE has great high waisted bikinis! I love American Eagle because they have such cute swim that is pretty affordable and on sale! Get yo self a summer swimsuit and have some fun in the sun (ha, I know, super cheesy).

Pacsun – I love Pacsun so much! Pacsun has really good quality suits that are modest and super in style. I actually just bought the light pink and white swimsuit that is shown above and I love it! I was a little worried about the slit right by my chest, but it worked out super well since I don’t have a ton up there. I will admit, a lot of Pacsun suits are not very modest, but the few that are are very cute!

Target – I was really surprised to find cute pieces at Target! I love Target so much because it is so affordable and pretty modest! Target has A LOT of one piece swimsuits to choose from and a huge selection that I love looking through. I would definitely recommend Target for the money conscious girl that is looking for a girly, modest swimsuit!

Old Navy – Old Navy, you continue to surprise me in a good way. I never really thought that Old Navy would have many suits to choose from, but I was wrong again! They have lots of mix-match high waisted suits if that is your thing. Honestly, I tried a high waisted suit before and it wasn’t super flattering, but it is different for everyone! Old Navy is very cheaply priced with pretty good quality suits!

ASOS – I have never really shopped at ASOS because I thought it was super expensive, but I was so wrong. ASOS also has a super big selection to choose from with all different styles of one pieces! They feature lots of boho feel suits as well as classy one pieces. ASOS is really affordable and modest!

Styling The Suit

I love to style my suits with a really cute cover up or even some high waisted shorts! I honestly don’t go to the pool often and I live nowhere close to the beach, but I love to dream up cute stylings with swimsuits! Below is some inspiration for you. 🙂



Links // Shorts, Kimono, American Eagle Midi Dress, ASOS Beach Strappy Dress, Shoes linked in the caption.

I love to syle suits with a free and light blouse, dress, or kimono! I also enjoy pairing the cover up with some strappy and fun sandals. This is all up to your style and what makes you feel confident. I hope you have gained some inspo and even some ideas for swimwear with this post! I love you all dearly and can not wait to be posting more summer themed blog posts! Have an amazing day my lovelies! 🙂




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