Hello my people! How are you guys doing? I’m so sorry for the lack of blog posts this last week. It was a busy last week with picking up Hannah and with the end of the school year coming! Also a sincere thank you to all my teachers loading all the wonderful homework on me in the last few weeks of school (wink wink). These past few weeks have been so great with Hannah coming home and the end of school nearing! Unfortunately, the weather was super sunny and gorgeous, but is now gloomy once more. 😦 I can still reminisce in the past with the beautiful weather in these pictures! I am so excited to be getting out of school next week and I will be a senior! It is really surreal and cray cray, but I am ready.

I am so glad that my sista is home from Thailand and all the adventures we will have this summer! I’m going, to be honest with you guys. This past week I have been looking a lot into my future. I have been considering joining a sorority, I’ve been looking into CSULB and their fashion program, and I have been reflecting a lot about my friendships and myself. I really find it so helpful to not push away your feelings and instead to process it all by journaling and praying! Seriously guys . . . it helps so much to just write it out and to pray to Jesus about it. I love talking to Him so much and He has been revealing His power to me recently. All in all, these past weeks have been full of thought and love. I am so excited for my future, but I also want to live in the present! It is a journey every day 🙂

Another confession: I am having a stand still in my blog. I have been having such a hard time coming up with more content that I haven’t written anything! I am so sorry and I hope to be back ASAP. I really want this blog to grow and flourish, but I also need to focus on why I created this blog. Just hang in there for more blog posts to come after I come up with a focus and purpose for my blog! 🙂

For my outfit of the week, I decided to actually change after school and do that outfit because it was so warm and I wanted to express my joy summer! I love this tank I got recently from AE and the patches that are placed on top. These patches GIVE ME LIFE!! I am loving the patches trend so much. I also love this button up skirt that I have had for a while now and it never seems to disappoint. This skirt is a great basic that can be paired with so much. I also adore these flats, although they have been through lots of TLC and are ready to leave to shoe heaven soon. I hope you guys have a great week and I am cheering you on to finish school! It is almost summer!! side note: every time I think of summer I think about the second High School Musical and I always want to count down the seconds until summer in my last class, ha I wish. I wish life was more like High School Musical sometimes. But, that is okay because life is wonderful just the way it is! Even without everyone singing along to the same song and choreography. I am so random, aren’t I? Enjoy your last weeks of school and if you are done HAPPY SUMMER!! Love you all 🙂





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