Fashion is a part of who I am. It speaks volumes in my everyday life. I am always learning and growing in the aspect of fashion. Fashion is powerful. Many people think fashion is frivolous and only for the #basicgirl, but they are completely wrong. Let’s take a look at fashion and the power it has to transform, inspire, and change people.

Fashion changes throughout history. In the 1900’s it was extravagant and elegant corsets and gowns. The 1930’s were a somber and modest dress at the beginning of the Great Depression. The 1960’s were everywhere with many cultures and with many styles coming to play. The famous 1980’s style was retro and hip. And today we have many trends such as the lace-up tops or the velvet coming back to fashion. Every decade a new sense of style appears with new clothing and new fashion designs. Every decade tells a story. In the 1900’s many wealthy women wanted an independent lifestyle with beautiful, somewhat practical clothing. 1930’s showed a modest dress due to the downfall of the economy. Designers wanted to preserve the feminism victories and remember the women for who they were, so they backed down on the wild style of the 20’s and went for romantic and respectable. The 1960’s were years full of change and full of cultural differences. Teenagers started to rebel, the black community fought for their rights even more so, and many different styles came to play. The 1960’s style reflects the many social changes happening during that time. In the 1980’s some throwbacks to the 20’s started to come back as well as older trends. The 80’s is known for the eccentric and eclectic style. Today fashion is everywhere. Fashion is a way of self-expression with many throwbacks to the past trends. Every year fashion changes along with the stories of the people wearing the clothing.

1. Fashion tells a story.

Every piece of clothing tells a story either of the past or of the memories that came with it. Clothing can represent that day you went on a coffee date with your bestie, the day you had an important interview, the day you went out of the country for the first time. Every piece holds memories of the past. Throwback trends such as velvet, high-waisted pants, embroideries, and the fringe is coming back from our past. Fashion tells the story of America’s past and the people that lived in that time. Fashion tells the story of our grandparents and of our parents when they would dress in the trends we wear now. Style represents our creativity and who we are. Clothing can represent our innermost thoughts and feelings. Every piece is hand made (the good quality stuff) with so much thought and care. People’s first impression depend on what we wear and how we style ourselves. What story will you tell with what you wear?

2. Fashion is a form of creativity.

Jesus is so creative. Therefore, He created us to be creative! He made us to each have a different personality and to be different. We can be creative through what we wear. Yes, style can be frivolous. But, only if we look at it in that way. God could have made all white clothing. But instead, He made many different styles, colors, and patterns of clothing. Fashion can be meaningful because of the creative outlet or art form that God made with it. He wants us to strive to be creative and to make beautiful art, whether that is through our dress or through our singing. God wants us to show creativity because that is part of the reason He put us here! To make an impact. We can make an impact through our fashion. We can dress differently or with a new style.

3. Fashion influences the way we are perceived by others.

Fashion is a form of art that can empower us to be who we are. Fashion can speak volumes with different colors or styles. Anytime I meet someone, I notice their outfit and I see them fit their style. Style can help us feel confident and fashionable. This confidence is seen by others that we meet because of the way we dress. The way we dress can determine whether we get a job or do not. Sometimes people just get dressed in the morning without much though. Have you thought about how much influence you have even without speaking? I don’t mean to be super dramatic, but fashion is a huge power that we have. We can use fashion to speak for us. When you get dressed in the morning remember to be intentional. Be intentional with the way you want to be perceived. I am not saying that people should judge others on the way they are dressed! I am saying that we can use fashion as a tool to inspire others and to feel confident.

4. Style is fun and is what you make it!

“Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.”  – Ralph Lauren

Style is what you make of fashion. Every season new fashion trends come and go or different fashion pieces stay popular. It is what you make of those fashion pieces and different seasons that creates your style. You have a way to make style your own. It is yours and yours only. Style is such a fun way to show yourself (as said so many times in this post) and is a way to connect with others. I encourage you to start being intentional about your style. Think about what you believe in and who you are. Then, dress to show that! Do you boo. 🙂




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