Hello my lovely internet friends! It has been a great week filled with love and celebration. I recently celebrated the success of me making my varsity cheerleading squad at SVHS! I am so excited for the next year and all it has to offer! This past weekend my great friend, Mikayla went with my family and I to the big town of Jackson Hole! I honestly love Jackson so much and the vibe that I get from there. It was such a fun day that included walking around the sqaure, coffee (of course in JH), and enjoying each others company while shopping around!

I am in LOVE with these flowy pants that I got from TJMaxx–isn’t TJMaxx just the best?–and they were so fun to wear in JH. They are floral and classy flowy pants. I paired them with my wonderful black turtleneck (a great staple piece). It was a bit chilly, so I was thankful for my choice of blouse. It was an amazing day with my wonderful friend Mikayla. I’m so thankful for my family and their love. Side note: I actually found out that I made varsity while we were shopping at the grocery store and proceeded to freak out with people looking strangely at me. Oops! Only me. 🙂


pants (simular)turtleneck (simular)flats (simular)

   I hope you have all had a great week and remember to finish this week strong! You are halfway done 🙂 I know how tough it can be to get through the rest of the week, but you can do it! Jesus gives us full and joyful life! Oh! I almost forgot, HANNAH IS COMING HOME!! I can not wait to see my seester!! Anywho, have a fantastic end of your week! I think that I will update you guys on my life each time I do a ootw just because. 😉

love you guys!






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