I don’t want to just survive anymore in life; I want to thrive in my life. Every season and every moment. Every year that I live I will no longer survive, I will thrive.

I recently read the book The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines (is anyone else obsessed with them?!) and the book spoke about their incredible story, but also about thriving in your season of life. When we are always waiting for something to come along, are we really living life to the fullest?

So what is the difference between surviving an thriving? Well, in my opinion surviving is just barely getting through each day with no thought or intention. Thriving is what it sounds like: living life to the fullest in every season and being intentional and passionate in your season of life. Together we can become individuals that are passionate and full of life! Let’s live life to the fullest, one day at a time. 🙂

Be content with the season you are in and be thankful for the memories you can make.

Being in high school is tough my friends. Some days I just want to get out of Star Valley, but other days I feel sad to be leaving in a year. I have talked before about my problem of looking to the future. I look to the future and what I will accomplish instead of what I can do now! I started to get tired of going to school and felt like I was just going through life like a zombie. I wasn’t enjoying high school and I wasn’t enjoying life very much.

We are all in different seasons of life. You may be at a job that you don’t particularly love; you may be in high school or college wanting to move on in life; you may be at a really joyful happy place you love; or you may be struggling to keep going in day to day life. In every season of your life just enjoy it. Enjoy the hard times and the happy times. Find things to be thankful for and make goals for your future! Be present with your friends and in your relationships. Invest and be faithful in everything you do with full energy whether that is going to high school or sitting at a desk job you don’t enjoy. Invest in every opportunity, person, or job that comes to you. Be faithful about the little things like making a new friend at school, doing a homework assignment, working on the computer, doing a hard job, or even going after something you love. I know how hard it can be to thrive instead of just going through the motions. Go into each day with a new mindset of fulfilling God’s purpose for you! Each day is a new opportunity to leave an impact or to have joy in the midst of mundane tasks.

Keep growing and never stop.

I want to never stop growing and learning as a person. I want to learn something new everyday. This may take risk or stepping outside of the comfort zone. DO IT! Ask questions and research. Go through those rough patches and come out with a new mindset or a new lesson. Grow in your relationships, grow at your job, grow at school, and grow in Jesus! Each season of life brings more growth and change that will make you who you are. Embrace the growth and look for it all the time.

While in a season we may not realize how much we are learning, but we are learning so so much! God has you right where He wants you to be. He wants to teach you about contentment in your season of life and He wants to grow and mature you.

Live out God’s calling in your life and wait for His timing.

Waiting is the hardest thing my peeps! Let me tell ya. I am waiting for my future, waiting to travel and waiting to learn so much in college. But, right now God wants me to wait in His presence. He wants me to learn to be happy with where I am at and with what I am doing right now. He has something huge in store for each of us, but sometimes He calls us to wait. He is teaching me about contentment in the place He has me right now. We need to realize our God-given purpose and go after it with all we have. When we do that we will find contentment through faithfulness to His will.

We may not understand why He makes us wait, but just trust that He has a plan. Live fully in the season that He has you in right now! I think sometimes we need to learn to grow and be happy with where we are at instead of waiting for something else to happen. He will teach us so much if we are open to the things that we can learn every day! Every day pray to Him for encouragement and for joyfulness in your season of life! I have also started to pray for contentment and joy with where I am at and He has started to teach me that! Ask and see what amazing things He can do.

Be a creator and not a competitor.  

Be like an individual sunflower in a whole field of sunflowers! Sunflowers do not look at the other flowers beside them . . . they just bloom! Be the sunflower (haha that sounds kind of new age, sorry)! Focus on your life and who you are in stead of what others are doing or what they are accomplishing. God has a life that he has created for you, so live out what He has in store for you, not for someone else. Competition is something that sometimes fuels our society. We are always competing to be the best, to look better than the girl next to us, to work harder at our job. What if we focused on growing in our season of life instead of competing with the person next to us? We would grow and create a beautiful and free life!

By focusing on what God’s call is for us and us only, we can thrive where we are at! We can learn so much more and grow so much by being a creator and not competing. Create your own life and don’t look at others around you. Your story is unique and God has so much in store for YOU!

Become intentional in everyday life.

I have now changed my mindset throughout the day. I try to look for oppurtunities to meet new people or to do things I love. I set out time in my day to spend time with Jesus and to spend time working on my blog (things I love doing :)). Remember to become intentional with everyday. Don’t just go through the motions, but live every day to its full potential! Be intentional with where you work or who you talk to. Be intentional with time and with the season you are in.

Time is such a precious thing that goes by quickly. Spend time in God’s Word and in the things that truly matter.

Live an abundant, joyful, and full life!

Live each day fully! Do what sets your soul on fire. Go after your big goals and dreams. I know that not every season will be a season filed with things you are passionate about and that is okay! Sometimes we go through those seasons for many reasons (like read above). Just remember your goals and God’s plan for your life during those difficult seasons. Jesus gives us joy in the midst of sorrow and in the midst of a rough season. He gave us abundant life on this earth! Live knowing the joy and love that Jesus gives to us.

Thank you to my amazing family that helped me come up with some of this post! Shoutout to my homies 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this and I hope that this inspires you to live your life fully. Life is a beautiful adventure. Love you guys! Have a great week and an amazing day.




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