Simple Wardrobe // Simplicity Series

Hello loves! To continue my simplicity series I wanted to post about building or downsizing a simplistic wardrobe. Simplicity makes life so much easier and happier. Simplicity in your wardbrobe will help with the questions like, “What should I wear?” or “What am I doing with my closet?!” Come along on this journey of simplicity with me and enjoy the ride.

1. Go through your closet and separate into 4 piles: “love”, “I don’t know why I am keeping this but I still want it”, “bad condition”, and the “don’t fit your style and taste” pile

Every season I usually try to go through my closet and clean it out a bunch because my closet becomes SO FULL after a season (#shopaholicprobs). My sister Hannah and I found a super helpful solution on Pinterest to cleaning out your closet! oh how I adore Pinterest. This pin recommended going through you clothes and separating them into four different piles. The first pile is the love pile: I love these clothes with no doubt! They make me feel good and I wear them often. The second pile is the I don’t know pile: I want to keep these clothes, but I don’t really know why (this could be because the clothes have sentimental value or are from a great brand). The third pile is the meh pile: These clothes don’t really fit me very well or don’t look flattering. I don’t wear these clothes very much at all. And the fourth pile is the bad pile: These clothes are worn down and have had a good life, but are ready to go to clothing heaven. Here is what to do with these piles: Pile 1 goes back to your closet; Pile 2 gets boxed up for 30 days and at the end of 30 days without the clothes see if you missed them . . . if you missed them keep them, but if you didn’t get rid of it; Pile 3 goes to donation or family no questions, JUST DO IT I BELIEVE IN YOU; Pile 4 goes to trash (aka glorious clothing heaven).

2. Limit your shopping time.

This is a really big and hard one for me (almost impossible). I live in a small town and we go to a big “city” (aka bigger town) every month; I have a super hard time not buying clothes because I feel like I need them! But, just remember that if you don’t even go shopping then you won’t be tempted to buy more clothes! If you do need clothes, I would recommend making a list and only sticking to that list of what you need. 🙂 After cleaning out your closet every season, make a list of some pieces you need and go shop for it. One way to limit shopping time is to only go shopping in between seasons as well as once during every season. This will save so much money and space in your closet!

3. Find your style and go with it!

Finding your style is a super hard thing to do! I honestly don’t really know if I have only one style that I love. I have so many, for example I consider my style to be feminine, classy, unique, and eclectic. I would recommend making a Pinterest board dedicated to your style or different outfits that appeal to you! After adding many pins to it, try to find a connection between all of them or different similarities they have. If they don’t have a connecting thread, then just try to find outfits or pieces similar to that! Don’t feel pressurized to have a cut out style, just do you! But, try to have some style or common thread that makes shopping for clothes easier. Remember just to find clothing that represents who you are and what you love! Fashion is all about self expression, so feel free and have fun with it 🙂

4. Own only things you love.

Going along with all these points, own what you absolutely love. That’s it. If it is not flattering or if you’re just not feelin it then get rid of it! Don’t feel pressured to keep it because of the name brand or the friends that love it. Keep clothes for you! It is your closet and your lifestyle 🙂 Fashion is such a fun thing and building your wardrobe is the best! It will take time and intention, I’m wishing you the best 😉

I hope you enjoyed this post and know that I right here with you going through my closet! I really want to fill my closet with one of a kind pieces that describe me. Do it with me! I love you all and hope to hear from you in the comments! Have an amazing day.





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