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Hello my wonderful internet friends 🙂 I am coming at you with a new series on my blog! I have decided to embark on the journey of simplicity. Simplicity is oh so important to our everyday lives and personally I really need to simplify in my life. Many times while shopping, I will buy on instinct instead of thinking through each purchase. I will waste time complaining or scrolling on social media/Netflix. Together we can navigate on this journey of simplicity. Simplifying is different for everyone and it is up to you to make the decision to simplify in life. Below are some tips and tricks I have found to help with your simplifying journey

Simplicity is a mindset.

Simplicity is more than getting rid of things or cleaning. It is a mindset and a lifestyle to live. This lifestyle is a huge change, but it is well worth the change. Simple living causes us to have joy in the simple things, in the little memories instead of objects. Simplicity causes us to enjoy people rather than things or possessions. Simplicity is a way to unplug from our technology and instead to have real conversations with amazing people. The simplicity concept is a lifestyle that will change the way we live and therefore cause a better, happier life.

Be intentional when buying things. Make plans when shopping and do not go shopping on instinct. 

This one is so hard, yet so important. Lately when I shop, I have been buying a lot of pieces without intention and only because I find them really cute. I really want to change this in order to live simply and not have so many things I never use or wear. I find when I buy things with intention, I really think about what I’m buying and why I am buying it. From now on I will make a list of what I need or want and will make priorities of what I need to buy first. Making lists is so helpful when it comes to buying because you know what you will be getting and you know how much you will spend. Before going out to shop make meal plans or a list of essential clothing pieces. Budget for these and shop only with that list. This will help you to be more intentional and to even save money!

Unplug from technology and use your time with care.

Modern technology is sometimes so hard to get away from. With Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter there is a whole other world that pulls us in. I am so bad with my time sometimes. Living simply causes us to really enjoy God’s beauty around us, and the wonderful people we are have. Some people may not think that unplugging is a part of simplifying, but I argue against this. Like I have said before, simplifying your life is more than getting rid of junk (even though that is a huge part of it); simplifying is a mindset in realizing real things like your friendships, family, nature, and adventures around you. Simplifying is getting rid of things that are not needed and making your life so much better and happier. So instead of going on your phone, spend time with Jesus or go for a hike! Personally, this next week I will be going without social media for the whole week. This may be really hard for me, but I believe I will benefit from it so much! Just remember what truly matters in life: it will never be about the latest picture or gossip someone shared on an app, but it will be Jesus & the adventures, memories, and people in your life that make life worth it.

Get rid of unnecessary things in your life & house. 

This one is a big one. My family keeps EVERYTHING (I might be exaggerating a little; I do that a lot–also have you noticed my use of semicolons lately? Thanks to a recent lesson in punctuation…ha I am such a nerd). Don’t get me wrong, we have gotten a lot better at getting rid of junk, but we still can improve. My mom is actually starting to get into minimalism and really wants to change our habits of keeping things. I have a big problem with sentimental objects: artwork I made as a kid, gifts from childhood friends, and pieces that contain memories. But my sister Bekah said something really important yesterday: we don’t need objects to remember the memories we already have because we will forever cherish those moments without the objects. Memories are not held in objects; memories are held in our minds and hearts. Some things you may really want to keep even if you realize that memories don’t have to be attached to objects, and that is okay! Don’t feel like you have to get rid of everything right away. If sentimental value isn’t holding you back then think of the reason why you want to keep something. It may be because of the brand name, or the price you paid for it, or even because you feel like you need it. Maybe put some objects in a box that you think you could get rid or, but for some reason they are holding you back. You can even put some furniture away for a bit or a TV. At the end of a month’s time without these things, then see if you missed them or if you didn’t even notice they were gone. If you missed them then keep it, but if you never even thought about it or if you found yourself finding other things to replace that (Example: TV replaced with family time) then get rid of it! You can do it. I will be doing this with you and together we can tackle simple living.

Enjoy the little memories and think positively. 

This again goes along with the mindset of simplicity. Simplicity causes happiness (although Jesus gives us true joy) and it is a way of life. Instead of wasting time dwelling in negative thoughts or complaints, think about what you have been blessed with. I have been blessed with an amazing, supportive family and a great childhood. Negativity is so easy to go to when we just are not feeling encouraged. But when we focus on the good and when we focus on God and His love, then everything changes. We start to become aware of what we have and become happier because of that. Just remember to enjoy the little things. Enjoy those slow, peaceful mornings, the compliment from a stranger, the giving of a gift to a friend, or the love that we have around us. Enjoy the simple, little moments of life.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope that this has been an inspiring post to live a simpler life. I will be going on this journey with you and together we can change our lives for the better. It starts with you. Just do it step by step. Have a great week and let me know how you are doing 🙂 love you all.






4 thoughts on “Simple Living // Simplicity Series

  1. Simpler living is freeing! I LOVE some of the things you say here…you’ve got wisdom and great ideas! The Lord has blessed you.

    😘💐love u🐻


  2. Love this ❤ I keep trying to simplify my life little by little, and find my efforts constantly derailed as, for example, the moment I've purged enough say to be able to fit all of my clothing into my closet, my sisters will have done just the same thing and unload all of theirs onto me lol. I've made huge progress over the years as I've gone from being a young party girl to a quiet homebody and my pursuit of status has decreased with age, but I fear attaining true simplicity will be a lifetime venture for me.


    • Hey Mandy! I totally understand the whole sister giving me clothes every day! Lol, it happens to me all the time!! I’ve just learned to really determine if I love the clothing that they give me and if I don’t I donate it! And don’t worry about always working for simplicity throughout life. I think we can always be growing in simplicity and in learning what simplicity is to us individually. Just remember to not put a lot of pressure on living simply and instead let it just happen! Remember to be intentional with everything, but just enjoy the journey of simplicity! You can do it Mandy 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha, well I suppose I should have added that I used to actually encourage my entire family (all 13 of them!) to drop things off for me before they throw them out – and now it’s just habit. I work next to a fellowship centre that assists the homeless, and work with a lot of people who work in social assistance, so I am able to find many grateful recipients for much of it. Though a lot of the things they bring are intended specifically for me, and I really do love stuff lol ❤ For me it's all about making choices however, the way I prefer to live because I feel better and happier that way, or to be surrounded by things and watching my money go to waste, and carrying around with the 'clutter' the extra clutter it builds up in my mind and on my shoulders. Thank you for the kind words, and I will try to relax more and let things come more naturally. You really did hit the nail on the head where I have been having difficulties, and I'm always open to those life lessons wherever I may come across them. Thank you for such a sincere and thoughtful reply ❤

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