Wanderlust Thoughts // Travel Bucket List

“World travelers: something that my sisters and I are always called. Traveling is the one thing that I will do in my life. Traveling is a dream and passion that I know God will fulfill in my life in His own way. I seriously can’t wait to see the world and everything God has created. The world is ours to travel, so why not travel it? Don’t let fear or money hold you back, find a way & do it! I decided to finally make a little list of where I want to travel to. Obviously I hope to go many more places besides this list, but this is just a portion of the top places I would love to go to. Enjoy and love you all!

  1. Dublin, Ireland & off the beaten bath of Ireland | I have always loved and cherished Ireland. I don’t know if it is because I have watched Leap Year more times than I can count or if it is because of my red hair. The castles in Ireland always capture my heart, (if you don’t already know, I’m a sucker for fairytales) and can we just talk about the beauty of the Cliffs of Moher?! This summer I had the wonderful experience of being a barista at a local coffee shop. One day I had a man from Ireland come in with his girlfriend, and he was literally the most genuine, kind person I have met. He was so friendly and asked me about my life, and my favorite part was that he said “Cheers love” a couple times and it made my heart so happy. The bottom line is that I feel like Ireland is already a part of my heart and I can not wait to go there. If you haven’t heard of the Dark Hedges, LOOK IT UP GIRL!! They are the most beautiful trees and the most gorgeous thing I have seen in my life. Ugh, Ireland you are perfect.img_1104
  2. Florence & Rome, Italy | The beauty of Italy always gets to me, especially Florence and Rome (I know, the classic tourist destinations). Italy’s, as well as all of Europe’s architecture, is STUNNING!! I would love to go the Colosseum and see all the history that is in Italy. Italians always are portrayed as kind and generous and although it is a stereotype, I believe it is accurate most of the time. This summer a very sweet Italian family came to the restaurant where I was a waitress, and they were the CUTEST FAMILY EVER. Their Italian accents added ah’s to the end of everything like soupah or saladah and it was wonderful. I would love to travel to Italy and enjoy the fantastic food and culture that is in Italy.
  3. France | I couldn’t decide on just one place in France that I would love to go to. I want to everywhere! I want to travel to the Eiffel Tower, Mont Saint-Michel, Palace of Versailles, Musée du Louvre, and all the little shops & coffee shops! French people seem so kind and proper and I love that about them. Hannah (my sister) has also told me many stories about her adventures in Normandy and all the people she met. The French culture is so centered around family & the French cherish each other. I want to go to all parts of France!
  4. New York City, New York | Welcome to New York, it’s been waiting for you!!! Yay! I love New York City even though I’ve never been here, haha. I feel like I’m so used to small towns that I just want to get out and actually live in a huge city (and I mean HUGE). New York looks like a dream with lots of shopping, great food, and many beautiful people that I would meet. I love the city lights and the bustle of a huge city! I love the feeling of so many people around me, and I just love the big city feel, so I feel like I would fall in love with NYC.IMG_1105.JPG
  5. Toledo & Madrid, Spain // I didn’t just put Spain here because my bestie lives here. Toledo is so fantastic and gorgeous. I love the library at the top of the city and the beauty of the location of Toledo as well as the Spanish culture. Spaniards are the kindest, loving, (speaking from real knowledge) and down to earth people you will ever meet. Madrid looks so fun with the live music and parties that happen a lot there. And I can’t wait to go someday to this magical place.
  6. London, England | Again, THE ARCHITECTURE!! London and Edinburgh both have wonderful clock towers and it makes me oh so happy. Also British accents are obviously a bonus & would make traveling there that much better. London also has weather kind of like Seattle and has lots of coffee shops so I LOVE that. London is just so classy and I love the idea of getting off of one of those big red busses. YAYY!!
  7. Israel | I want to see where Jesus walked! Can you imagine how incredible that would be?! I feel like it would just make the Bible truly come to life and I would be able see where Jesus sat and performed miracles. My dad has gon here and he said it was beyond words and just an amazing experience. I want to go to Jerusalem so bad and see everything there! Ahh I can’t wait 🙂
  8. Austria | My mom has traveled here and I am so jealous! I saw a picture on Pinterest of a town here that was on a mountain and the houses and village was jutting out from the side of the mountains. It was insane! I definitely want to go to that part of Austria. Austria also kind of looks like Wyoming on steroids with all the mountains and beauty. I would love to go to Austria in the winter and walk around the little shops and even hike some trails!
  9. India | India is somewhere that I feel like everyone should go to at least once in their life. I want to see the true poverty and to be able to show love to those people who struggle so much. I can’t even imagine how hard this would be to see, but I think I would really learn a lot and be so thankful for my life. I just want to show love to those people and be there for them.
  10. Trolltunga in Norway | GUYSSS!!! I have seen this all over Pinterest and I am obsessed! This rock that juts out is incredible and I can not wait to finally hike here and live on the edge. This is something that I will probably fear too, but this will be a way of getting over my fears and just taking a chance. I love all the pictures and I really want to sit on the edge and even maybe do a cheer jump at the end of the rock. I know it is crazy but. . . why not?!IMG_3066.JPG
  11. Railay, Thailand | First off, Thailand is an actually very affordable place to travel to and to explore all over. Railay is on a small peninsula in Thailand and the beach is so awesome. I have also seen so many pictures on Pinterest and I can’t wait to go here someday. My wonderful sister is going to be staying in Bangkok, Thailand for her next semester in college and I am so excited to hear about her adventures.

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