New Year’s Resolutions – 2017

2017 is here! A New Year is already upon us and I’m already freaking out. Freaking out in a good way I mean for all the new things that can and will happen in 2017. I really am going to strive for this new year to be different and I want you to do the same. I want you to really challenge yourself and be intentional with what you want to grow in and what resolutions you have for 2017.

This post will include my resolutions (my list is always growing) for 2017. I really want to change in many ways in 2017. And I want the same for you as well. I want 2017 to be your year when you finally conquer that fear or when you finally chase after a huge dream of yours. I hope to encourage and inspire you in this post to be the best possible version of you there is in 2017.

  1. Take care of myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This is a very broad goal but it is very important to me. In 2017 I really want to care for myself and become the healthiest version of myself there is. I want to do this by exercising often, eating healthy, listening to my emotions, and growing in Jesus. 
  2. Take chances and live on the edge. 2017 will be my year to live boldly. I want to take many scary chances and do things I would never imagine doing. I don’t want to let fear dictate my life and how I live. I want to be brave & live fully, and with all of my heart.
  3. Be present in the moment. Many times I catch myself missing moments or missing precious family time while I’m on my phone or just not being present. As I have talked about before, I’m often looking towards the future and not noticing what I have here and now. In 2017 I want to be in every memory and experience everything that is happening around me instead of ignoring it.
  4. Grow in Jesus and grow into who He made me to be. In 2017 I want to change and grow into the woman God has created me to be. Obviously I’m not a woman yet and still have a few years to go, but I still want to always be growing and change into who I was made to be. I also think that we never stop growing and changing; I never want to be complacent or content with where I am in my walk with Jesus and with who I am.
  5. Read more often. Reading is so beautiful and wonderful, isn’t it? We have the oppurtunity to enter an imagined world and escape our life for many hours. I love to get lost in books and to learn about many lands and fictional characters. I want to strive to read often and make time to read many new books. I think it’s really important in developing knowledge and understanding different people.
  6. Develope my passions and take time to create my art. If you haven’t read my last post you have missed out on my talk about our purpose. We are all here to create our own form of art for the world. I really want to practice photography, videography, visual art, and fashion more so that I can become better at each of those art forms. I want to let my creativity flow and be free to create anything and everything. I love creating and I want to show that more in 2017.

2017 is your year to really make change. I know that a lot of us, myself included, often make resolutions but never strive to achieve them. Make 2017 a different year to set and make your goals. Write down your resolutions and how you will acheuce them. Put these resolutions where you constantly see them and are reminded to achieve them. What are some of your resolutions? How did you come up with these resolutions? Have a wonderful New Year friends & strive to make 2017 your best year yet. 🙂




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