Growing As A Person: 2016 Thoughts

2017 is still almost here! I can’t believe that 2016 is almost finished and that I am finishing up my Junior year of high school. This year has been filled with many memories and amazing lessons I have learned. This post will feature many lessons that I have learned and am still learning as I grow each day as a person. I hope that this blog post will encourage and inspire you to live life fully. Sit back with some tea and enjoy my reflection of the wonderful year of 2016.


cherishing friends, memories of 2k16

1. Feeling lonely is really hard and something I still struggle with. But, being alone is okay and actually sometimes good to make you learn more about yourself and who you are individually. 

This past summer my close friend Marta left to go back to her home in Spain and it was one of the toughest times I’ve had in a while. I always felt empty or lacking of something, constantly comparing people to her and never feeling truly happy without her. Then I found my issue: I was relying on Marta and others to bring me the joy and security in myself that I can only learn about through time and Jesus. Let me explain, when I was with other friends I knew who I was and I was confident in that person I was. But, when everyone was gone and it was just me and Jesus I realized I really didn’t know who I was and I was relying on other people to show me who I was or to lean on for confidence or joy.

This past year of 2016 I have been alone for a lot of it and it has made me think and rethink who I am and what I was made to do; I’ve been learning of the person I am not with others, but just with me myself and I (que G-Easy). Don’t get me wrong I am still constantly learning who I am and I still really haven’t learned a lot about myself, but I know it will happen in due time. Another incredibly important thing to think about isn’t if you’re feeling lonely, spend time with the people you have beside you. Invest in times with your family or the friends you have, or even Jesus and just spend time talking and laughing and enjoying time with them. I recently watched a TED talk (video here) and it really expanded on this topic of loneliness; if you are feeling lonely please watch this! If you feel alone make that the opportunity to explore who you are and what you were made to do and take time to enjoy what you already have right now.IMG_2208.JPG

2. Do not feel pressurized to be perfect. You are human, and we all make mistakes.

Let me tell you friends, I’ve made many mistakes this past year. After making a mistake, messing up or even just overthinking something I said or did, I would always get so fed up with who I am and all the mistakes I made. You may feel like you have to succeed at everything or that you have to say just the right thing for someone to like you. First, just breath and even cry it out if you need to like I did often. Always remember to enjoy your life and sometimes making mistakes is okay because you will grow and learn from everything that you make mistakes in.

Remember to let things go! You may mess up and then overthink everything you said or did and regret everything like I do a lot. After you mess up just let it go and move on, remember that you are not perfect and that makes you interesting! This is a lot harder to do, but instead of filling your head with lies of your stupidity, fill your mind with the truth that you are always improving and growing as a person. Many times you may have to be very aware of what is lies and what is the truth. The truth is that you are human and that you can learn every day. You are incredibly valuable and significant, don’t let yourself think differently.


Express yourself with your own art.

3. You have a creative mind. Express your creativeness and be different. Create art in your own way.

Many times I have heard people call me “different” than my sisters and family. I actually take a lot of pride in this. I often have different opinions or huge dreams that are very different than my sister’s paths. But that is okay! My sisters and I are each unique and wonderful in our own way. I recently read Lecrae’s book Unashamed and Lecrae mentions that each of us are a work of art. We can use our creative minds to change lives, to show love to people and use our lives to make art. I have learned that I have a creative, artistic mind, and that I need to express that even if I’m the only one that is different. I can express my art in visual art, photography, music, loving people, and even fashion.

Just remember that you are a work of art, you have a creative mind in your own way and you can make art that others could never imagine thinking of. This art does not have to be visual art, it can be music, writing, speaking, listening, or in your own way. You have a purpose to be here, to create and live a full & joyful life. Over this past year I learned that we all are so unique and we are each a piece of art that is dying to be shown to the world. Go out there and show the world who you are.

2016 was another amazing and memorable year for me.  I love to learn and reflect of all that I learned from this past year. By the way, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your holiday break. 🙂 Please tell me what have you learned in 2016. How have you changed and grown in 2016? What is your art you can show the world?

Love you all dearly,



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