5 things I’ve learned about time

Time. The one word that sometimes haunts me in my life. I always am aware of time and the huge role it has in life, especially mine and all the things I am going through. Over time I have learned some life lessons about time and how to handle it.

This blog post will show you 5 things I’ve learned about time and how to enjoy it to the fullest.

1. You know that saying “Time flies”? Well it’s SO true.

As a Junior in high school I keep looking at my life and thinking, “Am I seriously going to be on my own in only two years?”. I know it sounds so cliche but I remember the first day of my freshman year like it was yesterday, all the first dances, football games, cheer performances, etc. I drive by different locations or buildings and the memories come flooding back, and sometimes I get down for a moment and miss those times. BUT, (and that’s a big but!! — tehe see what I did there :)–) That is the point of those memories to remember them and not to miss those times but to cherish them and never forget the amazing life you have lived. Just know that throughout your life time will fly or sometimes it will drag on, either way enjoy every minute of it.

2. Place time in God’s hands!

Many times I feel stressed about many things, my future, my homework, school, friendships, high school, etc. I always look at the big picture and get so overwhelmed over the things I need to get done or the things that are in my future. But I have (and still am) learned that placing time in God’s hands and trusting him with all the things or plans to get done greatly calms and relaxes me. Some of you reading this may not be religious and I totally respect that, but without God and His peace I don’t know where I would be. If you do love God then I encourage to place those stresses of not getting things done on time or future plans in His hands and trust HIS timing. His timing is the best timing, trust me peeps. 🙂

3. Don’t waste time on things that don’t matter.

Oh geez, this is a big one for me. I sometimes dwell on things that people have said about me or what they think about me and I waste precious time doing it. Other times I spend literally hours on social media, sometimes comparing or just browsing aimlessly on Instagram or Twitter. You are only here once on this earth, with your family, your friends, your adventures. Wasting time on media or thoughts can take away the only times we could be creating cherished memories. So instead of being on that phone, or being consumed by negative thoughts, spend time with your loved ones, read a good book, (I recommend the Selection Series for the romance lovers) go on adventures, spend time outdoors, just whatever you spend your time on make sure you are spending it on what you love and make those forever remembered memories.

4. Spend time doing what YOU love, not what others think you love.

This one kind of goes along with the last part of point 3, but always remember this is YOUR life not someone else’s. You may run into people that think they know you better than you know yourself, and they may discourage you from going after your passions and instead steer you towards their dreams for your life. Time is something you can not take back, so make sure your time is filled with your passions. People may judge you or put you down for your dreams and passions, but remember it is not their life! This is your life and your time, spend it well. Sometimes you may even compare your life with other’s and see their amazing accomplishments and think “I wish I could do that, I want her life so much.” NO! This is YOUR life not hers or his life. This is what makes life and time so beautiful, is that many people have so many different dreams and paths in life. Take your path and follow your dreams and spend time doing what you love, not what others think you love.

5. Be here. Right now. 

I am ALWAYS looking to the future, and I literally mean always. Referring to my first point, time flies by during your life. It can be hard to not look to the future when you’re not enjoying the time right now. Be present in your everyday life, enjoy every moment because before you know it it is gone. Even though I haven’t left for college yet, my sisters tell me that when they left they were so excited but after a while they do miss home. Always looking towards the future makes you miss the wonderful things around you that you may eventually miss. Life is a journey of many ups and downs. Ride each and every hill and enjoy those slumps knowing that you will soon come out of it. Life is like a roller coaster, if you are on a roller coaster and are looking towards to the end of the roller coaster you will miss the excitement and adrenaline of the dips and turns. If you look towards the future all the time you will miss the fantastic moments of life, so make it through those slumps in life and enjoy every minute of it.


momacita! Cherish family 🙂


my wonderful sister, Bekah


cherishing friends


another amazing time with Em

IMG_9465 (1)

laughs with sis, great memories 🙂

FullSizeRender (1)


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