book review: Me Before You

Let me just say, every time I go to Barnes & Noble I always tell myself I don’t need more books because I haven’t read all of the books I own! But I always end up buying a book because I can, and I want to. I had seen many trailers for Me Before You, and it looked AMAZING!! I told myself I should read the book before the movie because the book is always better than the film so I decided to pick this up when I saw it (it was calling to me to buy it).

SPOILERS BELOW!!!! ——————->>

First of all the topic of this book is a very hard topic to talk about. Euthanasia is something that I don’t necessarily¬†agree with, but I also am still trying to decide what my opinion is on the topic. I believe that everyone has a life worth living, and Jesus makes that life have a purpose, without him there is no point. But I decided to read this book to see the reason behind Will proceeding with Euthanasia.

Btw, I’m not a reading expert so don’t get mad at me if I offend you, everyone has different opinions on things. Overall, I loved this book and the message behind it. The message I got from it is to live boldly without regrets. Lou is a girl who has stayed in her hometown and NEVER LEFT. Honestly, I don’t see how she can do this because I love traveling and wouldn’t be able to remain in the same place for so long. Then, Lou meets Will, a paraplegic who had an amazing, adventurous life before him but is now a depressed man stuck in his house all day. Eventually, they fall in love, and the story is amazing.

The good things:

  • The message: Like I said before, I loved the message to live boldly and to have many adventures in life. Will encourages Lou to get out of her comfort zone and to try new things. Will makes Lou do many things throughout the book that is way out of her comfort zone, but she ends up loving it. In Will’s letter to Lou after he dies he tells her, there is a fearlessness inside her, but she chose to hide it like most people do. This phrase was excellent in saying that everyone is fearless they just have to uncover that and let it go! Push yourself, don’t settle, & live boldly.
  • Will Traynor: Will inspires me to go on adventures and to get out of my comfort zone! At first, Will was grumpy and rude to Lou, but I can see why he would be after being stuck in that house for years. Over time they begin a romance that is so beautiful and full of laughter and adventure. Will inspires Lou to push herself and to be fearless in her life. And he persuades her to try new things she never would’ve tried! Will is just an amazing guy who was so inspiring to Lou and me.

The bad things:

  • Selfish Will: Throughout the book, Will knows he will go through with Euthanasia. Near the end when Lou falls in love with him she gets furious and tells him how selfish he is being. I know that Will has the freedom to choose if he goes through with Euthanasia or not, but I have to agree with Lou. Will’s just going to leave his whole family who has been fighting to make him happy for the last few years? Also, he’s going to leave Lou who has fallen for him? And after their argument about his choice, Will never resolved the issue with Lou, and I HATE that. Sometimes I just feel like he could’ve lived an amazing life.
  • Emotional Lou: Okay, Lou Oh Lou. I felt like she was way too emotional sometimes. Lou knew Will for sixth months, SIX MONTHS OUT OF HER WHOLE LIFE. And I felt like she fell in love and was so attached too much. I felt like Will sometimes wasn’t there to be a significant other for Lou, but to be an encourager to her. I felt like Will was there to make her live boldly. Yes, they did have romance, but Will NEVER SAID I LOVE YOU!! Lou said it, but all Will said was yeah it was the best six months of my life. Really?!! I just feel like Lou needs to move on and know that it was only six months, and she can meet another amazing guy (not saying Will wasn’t wonderful).

To wrap this critique up, this book was great. Even though I did have my disagreements with the characters, it was an amazing, inspiring book. I feel like sometimes I am like Lou in saying that I hate to get out of my comfort zone. This book encouraged me to live boldly. It also gave me insight on the topic of Euthanasia and how it is to go through it. I would recommend this book to a romance lover or anyone enjoying a good read. Love you all and have a fantabulous week!

— Sare Bear


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