summer reading list

*happy sigh* the joys of reading 🙂

Summer is always the time all teenagers look forward to. Then, when we actually get into summer we have NOTHING TO DO. Personally, I love reading and have really been getting into it lately. It’s a way to escape the real world (and all that stuff you have to get done) and escape socialness (sorry my introversion is coming out) and just sit back to enter another world of books. This summer I have SO many books on my list, I can’t count them. But I decided to list all the books I could think of that I want to read this summer!

Books To Read:

  • Me Before You *
  • Pride & Prejudice
  • Matched Series
  • Robinson Crusoe
  • Everything Everything
  • City Of Bones Series (finish book 4-7)
  • I Am Malala
  • Beautiful Creatures Series
  • Christy Miller Series*
  • Harry Potter (is it too late to hop on the bandwagon?)
  • Right Where I Belong*
  • Starring Me*
  • There You’ll Find Me*
  • Fahrenheit 451*
  • Since You’ve Been Gone

(* means already read)

Wowzers, I have lots of books to read (and this isn’t even half of my list)! So many books, so little time! Like I said before, reading is the BEST thing ever to do for yourself. Sometimes we need to unplug, get some coffee, and just sit and read. Also, feel free to leave more suggestions in the comments below and if you would like any book reviews on the books I have already read just ask! Leave requests for more of what you want to see on my blog! Love you all, and happy reading! Also have an awesome Saturday 🙂

— Sare Bear


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