hello friends! I hope your Sunday was amazing 🙂 (or whatever day it is) This weekend my sister (Hannah) and I decided to go to ETC (a local convenience store) and get some coffee and to just sit & relax. It was so awesome to take time out of my week and to just breathe and have time for myself which is super important!! I decided it would be a perfect time to take some pictures so that I could make my first post (YAYYYY!!!!). Btw Hannah took these pictures and they turned out AWESOME, Hannah rocks at photography!

outfit details: jacket (similar — mine was thrifted), shirt (similar)shirt (similar)leggings (similar), birkenstocks, necklace, watch: gift (Parfois)

Jean jackets, how I love them. They are a MUST for fashion. I love finding unique pieces or pieces that make a “statement”, and a jean jacket does just that. Everyone should have a jean jacket in their closet to complete an outfit. I always find myself grabbing for it to make an outfit look even better or sometimes I even base an outfit off of my jean jacket. I was super lucky to get a good jacket (Sundance) that was thrifted from a local garage sale. OMGosh, guys, garage sales are AMAZING! (I’ll save that topic for another post). Anyways, go out and by yo-self that jean jacket girl! You will not regret it, even if it is expensive, you will USE IT! If you’re on a budget, get a jean jacket from Forever21, theirs are awesome! Whatever you decide, just do you, boo. Love you all, fellow readers 🙂 and have a wonderful week!

— Sare Bear



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