Wandering In Vogue

Hey what’s up hello my lovely internet friends to my little cozy space of the internet! I am so so glad that you stumbled upon WanderingInVogue. Wandering In Vogue is meant to inspire and uplift your soul with fashion, Jesus, and thoughts from yours truly. Wandering is an act of traveling aimlessly or without destination. I like to think of wandering as a representation of life; we are always wandering through life while growing and learning things to shape us into the person we are today. And for those fashionistas out there: vogue directly means the fashion that is trending at the moment (psst . . . this means I got ALL your fashion troubles covered). Walk with me in this journey of life and get your daily dose of fashion, Jesus and all things that bring you joy! I am here to listen, guide, encourage, befriend, but mostly love the beautiful and vulnerable you that is here with me. Feel free to keep procrastinating, get to know me, and get inspired! SKIP THE HOMEWORK AND THE DIRTY ROOM and relax. Go ahead and grab a cup of coffee, orange juice, tea, or whatever makes you smile and come along with me on this journey of living life in Vogue.

From your new friend,